5 Easy Steps To Accomplishing Any Goal

It’s hard sometimes to be almost seven weeks into the new year and already feel like we’ll never accomplish anything this year.

We’ve already given up on the goals we made at the start of the year or we were laid off and going after a goal seems so hard right now. I talked with a client recently who was laid off at the start of the year and she said she had to dust off her goal setting muscles again. These are her five easy ways to accomplish any goal:

1. Establish a definite date

Set your goals in reverse. Pick a date of completion and work backward. For my client, she decided to set weekly goals for herself as that seemed more reasonable. By the end of each week, she had a target of how many jobs she would apply to and how many contacts she reached out to. At first, she said that she started small, because she needed some space to grieve the loss of her job and, at the same time, still move forward. At the end of the week, though, she realized that she felt great with just the few steps she had taken and she decided to keep increasing her goal each week. She also started making daily goals to make sure she could achieve the weekly goals.

2. Keep a calendar

Take the goal you set for the end of the week and write that goal on the last day of the week. Then write down the short-term goals for each day through the end of the week. By doing this, she said she could see the progress she was making and it made her feel good.

3. One at a time

Don’t try to cram all the things into one day. My client actually preferred to have job application days and networking days. By doing so, she felt more organized and focused. Networking takes a different mindset than applying for jobs. Plus, she said that this allowed her to also enjoy working in sweats some days and getting dressed up on other days.

4. Consider a time goal

Some weeks, she decided to aim for a certain amount of hours per day, instead. By limiting the time you are spending and focusing on these tasks every day, you’ll build momentum and increase your success rate. She gave herself space to read, binge watch shows and hang out with friends by setting a time limit on how much she would do in a day, instead of how many jobs she applied to. This change kept the goal setting “fun, in a way” she said.

5. Stick with it

Stick with your schedule. Switching things up too often can get in the way of your success.

Yesterday, my client sent me a note that she received a verbal offer and was waiting for the written offer. She is over-the-moon excited as this position is one that is even better than the one she left behind. I love that she made goal setting feel easy for herself and achieved the ultimate goal of an offer.

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If you are feeling stuck with your goals right now and need some help achieving them, let’s talk as I have helped many women achieve goals they never thought possible. Here’s a link to my calendar to pick a time.

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