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Leadership Development

leadership companion - executive


You're a C-suite executive or senior leader who is ready to take those real and bold leadership development steps that benefit your company.

We’ll work together through one-on-one coaching for a period of six to 12 months where you’ll have an objective and unbiased companion so you can try out new ideas, behaviors and actions before debuting them at work. You’ll learn to leverage you strengths and manage around the perceptions you trigger in others. Your regular work and accountability with your companion coach will allow you to grow and develop in real time while you maintain your day-to-day responsibilities.


You're a leader who doesn't feel confident or is feeling unsure of where to go next in your career, but you have that spark of interest to do something bigger.

We’ll work together for six to 12 months to uncover that fire hidden inside of you. By exploring your strengths and deepening your understanding of how to use them, you will be well-prepared to take on more influential and pivotal roles at work. This excites you!

leadership companion - team
leadership companion - team


You're a leader of a team with tough team dynamics, so your staff isn’t as engaged as they should be and aren’t as productive as you know they can be.

We’ll work together first through one-on-one coaching with you and each of your team members so you can gain clarity and appreciate your team’s individual and collective strengths, potential talent gaps and vulnerabilities. Then we’ll work together with your team to help them appreciate who they are as a team, explore their uniqueness and find creative ways to use their talents and strengths. Through this work, your team will be more engaged, more productive and more profitable.

Leadership Development

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