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Rachel Bouman has been an incredible coach! I can’t say enough about her talent. I’ve had executive coaches in the past and not one has come close to Rachel. She is gifted but not arrogant. She can lead but also follow. She can coach, guide and listen seamlessly. Rachel is easy to trust; highly intelligent; challenging but also easy like a wonderful Sunday morning; committed to a better humanity and acts on that; is passionate about her work and our work; and ensures discussions are high value and relevant. I feel very fortunate to have had the time I did with her and thank Chief for connecting us.
Courtney Welton
Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Business Law & Compliance, Chief Ethics & Privacy Officer, Allstate
Investing in my personal and professional development has been integral to my life and career journey. Whether first investing in my formal education in Finance and Accounting, my Executive MBA, continuing certification and now with Rachel as my coach and MasterMind leader, my personal return on investment (ROI) has been exponential.

Rachel brought real world tools and the methodology that empowered me to seek the next level of advancement in my career by first understanding my strengths and how I interact with others and then providing candid and actionable feedback. By continuing to work with Rachel and joining a MasterMind group, I have been able to learn from and share with other executive leaders dealing with contemporary and emerging issues in an ever changing landscape. Rachel’s facilitation of the MasterMind peer to peer approach keeps me accountable to the group, and to myself, to continue to develop and consider opportunities that may have been seen as challenges in the past. No matter how I calculate ROI whether by time, money or opportunity; Rachel Bouman returns results!
Cheryl Garcia
Senior Vice President, US Bank
Rachel is a gifted leader and coach. She has a unique ability to hear through the noise and help you to gain clarity and insights. As I was building my coaching practice, I had the opportunity to participate in her mastermind group with other peer coaches launching businesses. Her structured approach accelerated our efforts - I know I would not have accomplished what I was able to without her help and accountability. I am forever grateful for her.
Tomako Deaner
CEO, Tobu Advisors
I attended one of Rachel's MasterMind groups for coaches and found it very helpful. Rachel is very organized, professional, and really holds you accountable for your commitments in order to move you forward in your coaching business. I highly recommend participation!
Tony Gerth
D.B.A., Clinical Professor, University of North Texas
As one progresses in their career success, their accomplishments are continually being redefined. Understanding what you want to accomplish personally and aligning that with your career aspirations is a challenge. Working with Rachel, both in one-on-one coaching, and as part of a Mastermind Group has helped me meet these challenges. She listens to understand, and her experienced insight is right on target. Following her advice has helped me define my priorities and go after what I want. Being a part of an all-female Mastermind group, under Rachel’s guidance, is educational, supportive and thought-provoking. The time and treasure I have invested in working with Rachel has paid great dividends.
Mandy Minick
Senior Vice President,
Northwest Farm Credit Services
I highly recommend Rachel as an executive coach. Rachel's breadth of experience and education afford her insights into the most challenging leadership problems. She is generous with her intuition and faultless in her commitments to the coaching ethic and accountability. She can help you find the courage to keep pursuing your professional path!
John Kumm
Vice President, POWER Engineers
I am so thankful to Rachel for ALL of the valuable help and advice she provided to me during our time working together and helping me recognize and acknowledge all of the accomplishments I have already had in my career as a dietitian. Because of the coaching we did around my strengths, weaknesses, and how to speak about these things in a way that would help someone see the value I could provide to their company, I felt so much more confident going into my interviews and knew the important pieces to highlight. I landed the job I wanted with Rachel’s help. I can’t express how much I appreciate Rachel and what she helped me achieve. Thank you!
Natalie Van Beek
Registered Dietitian, The Charge Group
At a certain point in my career, I needed a professional outside of my work sphere who could provide an objective view and advice in tackling career-based challenges. Rachel was the right person I needed. I had just changed my career field and needed advice on how to manage all the new responsibilities and challenges I was facing. Rachel is a powerhouse of experience. She knows how to help individuals hone their weakness and strengths and to channel them into positive energy. I am so thankful for her structured view, as well as her empathetic nature to understand my situation. Thanks to Rachel, I feel like I have grown professionally and personally. Each coaching session was worth the investment and I highly recommend Rachel as a coach.
Alexandra Eckelhart
Senior Business Intelligence Expert
I highly recommend Rachel as an executive coach. Rachel brings experiences that provide her with insights into the challenges leaders face. She has been invaluable in her coaching as I look to the future, planning and taking control of my long term career as well as helping with the challenges I face in my current role. Her ability to pick up on themes and ask powerful questions have truly been a help. Thank you Rachel for being an invaluable coach and colleague.
Sonia Ammann
Organizational Talent and Development Leader, Caterpillar Inc.
Rachel is a masterful facilitator. She is very insightful, helpful, and resourceful. I attended a Mastermind Group she led. She clarifies the hot seat questions well and allows time for everyone to share input on new ideas and different resources. She keeps us on task while always inviting input and deeper insight from the group. The opportunity to work with Rachel has been wonderful for newer coaches and seasoned coaches everyone can come away from it learning from each other. She is the ultimate resource!
Kris Harmelink
Executive Leadership Coach, Questage
Believing that a coach needs a coach, I have been working with Rachel Bouman as my executive coach this year. She has coached me in 1:1 sessions, and as part of a mastermind group. Rachel is amazing. She brings a unique perspective with her experience as lawyer/litigator, Chief Human Capital Officer, and champion of women’s professional growth. Under her leadership I have witnessed others (men and women) in our mastermind grow beyond what they thought was possible, in a short period of time, including myself. Tapping into her master facilitator expertise, Rachel has pushed us all to exceed our goals. The structure to her approach, the environment she creates, and her command of the subject material, I believe is what sets her apart from others I have worked with. Rachel has also helped me hone in on the framework for an online course I am developing, and the related marketing materials. I look forward to my time with Rachel because I know it will always be productive. I recommend Rachel as a true leadership companion.
Laura Bonich
CEO, The Leaders Lighthouse
Rachel's personalized approach to leadership coaching and development is world-class. I found myself navigating a new career change and Rachel was instrumental in building up my confidence as well as comfort leaning into skills I had been minimizing. She was personable and flexible, changing our schedule for any last-minute interview prep. With her help, I have now started a new and exciting career! I would recommend her services to anyone looking to grow in their current role or taking a chance in a new field.
Allison Barnes
Account Manager

Testimonials from C-suite and VP women mastermind clients who wished to remain anonymous and still had excellent praise for the work we’ve done for them

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