5 Inspiring Action Verbs That Can Change Your Life

We've all been stuck in that place where things just don't seem to go forward.

We have trouble getting motivated and our goals seem either out of reach or too weak. In short, we are uninspired! Some self-improvement experts will tell you that you have to have a good attitude in order to improve your life. While I agree with this generally, it’s not always that easy. It’s hard to set aggressive goals and get inspired to achieve them when your mindset is not right. If your mind is not ready to embrace more exciting goals, then change will be difficult. In fact, if you’re not ready for it, then it will be hard to conquer even small challenges.

I recommend using action to inspire yourself and create change. In effect, we’re placing the cart before the horse here, and forcing our attitude to match our actions. If you shake things up by taking action first, you’ll get your mind ready to create and pursue more exciting goals.

Below are 5 inspiring action verbs that you can use to get yourself mentally ready to take on new challenges. If you use these techniques, even in small ways, you will naturally find yourself on the road to change. Change leads to bigger and better goals. Bigger and better goals lead to accepting greater challenges.

1. Give

Give to a charity, an individual in need, or a friend or relative. You don’t have to give something expensive or big. Just a show of appreciation will do, such as a card or flowers. Why does it work? Giving is a very uplifting experience since it frees your mind from thinking that there is not enough in the world. Giving teaches you that there is plenty to go around, and it will cause you to attract more good things in your life.

2. Learn

Learn a new language or a new dance. Learn about something you know nothing about or learn to play a song on the piano or guitar. Why it works? Learning something new develops your nervous system and makes you think in ways you’ve never done so before.

3. Change

Change your routine, your route to work, your usual clothing style, your hairstyle, or what you normally eat. Why it works? Change begets change. If you want a big change, start by making a small change.

4. Participate

Participate in community activities, on a sports team, or join a club. Why it works? participation requires social interaction and creativity, both of which will stimulate and inspire you to try new things.

5. Create

Create a piece of art, write a short story, make a bookshelf, or start a website. Why it works? Creating stimulates all those dormant forces that allow change to enter your life.

Each time you perform one of these inspiring actions, take several minutes to feel good about it. You want your attitude to catch up to your actions. Sometimes, just the exercise of reviewing these action verbs will be inspiration enough to get you thinking of what you could do to change your life. I hope you enjoy using these inspiring action verbs to change your mental state and improve your life. I’m sure that now you can think of some on your own. Remember, though, nothing happens without taking action!

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