5 Keys To Overcoming Failure

I have a client who landed a vice president position with a fortune 100 company last spring.

All year, she would tell us that she was excited for the Celebration of Failures. She had no idea what this would look like; however, so many employees shared excitement about it that she knew it was not to be missed. And, she was right. At our meeting in January, she told us that the celebration was an amazing event that lasted most of the day and truly created a culture that wasn’t afraid to fail. She told us that she identified a number of things that helped her company develop a culture where employees overcome their failures quickly.

Here are 5 keys she identified.

1. Learn From Your Mistakes and Failures

Every time you make a mistake or fail, learn as much as you can from it so that you are better prepared next time. At the celebration, employees shared the learnings they wrote down for each failure and the crowd cheered for every single one.

2. Don’t Dwell on It

Now that you have learned something from your mistake, move on. My client said that leadership in the company is especially adept at pivoting as quickly as possible into a new project, which helps keep employees from dwelling on the failure

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Try Again

Don’t let the fear from your last failure stop you from reaching your greatness, goal, dream, or potential. Sometimes employees shared that something was so important to achieve that they had to get right back up and try again. They did so with their leadership paving the way for them.

4. Surround Yourself with Positive People

The corporate culture in the company is one built on reality and also positivity. As a result, no matter where she turns, my client finds that there is always someone willing to share how they overcame failure, too. She has found this especially encouraging and freeing.

5. Realizing Failure is Part of the Learning Curve

My client has found that failure actually helps us learn to be better the next time.

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