Blast Through Barriers to your Goals

One of the reasons we do not face our goals is because we shut down when we are faced with an unexpected barrier that we're unsure how to handle.

We become discouraged; we start making excuses; and we allow ourselves to back off of our original plan. While this is a human and natural tendency, it’s not conducive to success.

An important step that you can take to avoid this barrier blunder is by carefully planning your goal to include backup plans for all those little “what ifs.”

“What if I don’t pass the prerequisite course?”
“What if I don’t get the loan?”
“What if I run out of time?”
“What if the marketing doesn’t work?”
“What if I just don’t feel like it?”

These are all very real barriers that keep us from realizing our life dreams. By planning for them, we greatly improve our chances of succeeding and experiencing the power of being unstoppable.

What kind of barriers can you preplan?

Internal Barriers

Internal barriers include the thoughts you have about your goal, success, and yourself that keep you from being successful. They include your personal fears, motivation, self-esteem, and paradigms.

“What if I just don’t feel like working on this priority goal?” Solution – commit to working on it for at least 15 minutes. Then take a break and come back to it later.

“What if my fear of the phone keeps me from networking with that executive?” Solution – have a friend help me practice talking about myself and my accomplishments so I feel more comfortable. It might not be so bad if I’m not starting cold.

“What if I find myself procrastinating?” Solution – ask a friend to call me every day to remind me to spend a little time on my goal. Work on my goal first thing in the morning to get it done and over with.

External Barriers

External barriers include barriers such as money, time, other people’s reactions, resources, and results. We are not in direct control of them; however, we can affect how they work and we can still plan around them.

“What if I don’t pass this round of interviews?” Solution – ask questions to find out why, and work to overcome those obstacles.

“What if I don’t receive critical input for my presentation from others in time?” Solution – pad the timeline and notify the others of the impact their work has on your work. Realign timeline to work on other parts of the presentation until the input comes in.

Practice this technique with even your small, short-term goals. It feels great to know that when a brick wall appears in your path, you have the perfect solution for getting around it and getting back on the road to achievement!

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