Breaking Free from Hustle Culture: Embracing Balance and Well-being

Last week, I shared about my client who shared the earmarks of hustle culture and, when she did, she realized she had fallen victim to it herself.

This week, I’m sharing the tips the group shared to help her remove herself from the clutches of hustle culture.

Redefine success and set meaningful goals

Instead of equating success solely by work achievements, the group encouraged my client to take the time to define what success means to her personally. By embracing a holistic definition of success that encompasses career accomplishments as well as her overall well-being, relationships, and personal growth, she could avoid her work dominating her entire life.

Cultivate self-awareness

Developing self-awareness was the initial key to recognizing when my client was falling into the hustle trap. The group encouraged her to regularly check in with herself, paying attention to her physical and emotional state to note any signs of burnout or overwhelm, and be proactive in addressing them.

Establish healthy boundaries

Setting clear boundaries is crucial for maintaining balance and preventing burnout. While my client already was strong at saying no to excessive work demands that weren’t aligned with her priorities or asking for extra resources when she said yes, the group noted that this is something she may like to help her colleagues with. It’s worth reminding you that it’s not selfish to prioritize your well-being.

Embrace self-care practices

When the Peloton group dissolved, my client noticed that she wasn’t always great at prioritizing her self-care. She always found exercise rejuvenating, yet without the camaraderie, she had let this slip along with weekly lunch dates and her book club attendance. She knew these things brought joy to her and committed to investing in them again.

Seek support and create a support network

With her honesty in the group, she knew she would have the support and accountability needed to find balance and well being again. Before she left the meeting, she reminded the group how grateful she was to have a group of women who share her values and support her journey towards a healthier approach to success.

Work with me

Hustle culture may be deeply ingrained in our society, yet it doesn’t have to define your life. If you need help finding a better, more balanced life for yourself, click here to pick a time for us to talk.

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