Bringing Your Values into the Workplace: For Women Executives

The other day, I coached a group of executive women who wanted to do a deep dive into their values and then discuss how to incorporate more of their values into their workplaces.

They all understand the profound impact that aligning personal values with workplace culture can have on both individual fulfillment and organizational success. They shared that bringing their values into the workplace not only would enhance their own sense of purpose – it would also foster a more inclusive, productive, and engaged environment for everyone. Here are the ideas that surfaced for them during our discussion.

Self-Reflection: Defining Core Values

It had been a while since they had reflected on their values, so before we started our discussion, they took time to complete a values inventory. They all acknowledged the difficulty in narrowing down the list to just three values and some left their list at a top five. They realized that for them to thrive, their workplaces needed to reflect their values. This self-awareness would become their compass, guiding their actions and decisions.

Initiating Conversations About Values

One of the most effective ways to embed my values into the workplace is by initiating conversations about them. The women made a list of with whom they would share their values. The list included their team and various colleagues. By openly discussing their values, they can create an environment where others feel comfortable expressing their values as well.

Understanding Company Culture

Understanding the broader company culture also plays a crucial role. These thoughtful women have I paid close attention to the mission and vision statements, looking for alignment with their values. They are all fortunate to be in companies that have commitments to diversity and inclusion that match their own, which motivates them to get involved in more initiatives.

Networking Within the Company

Networking within the company is invaluable. During our discussion, each woman expressed that connecting with like-minded colleagues who share their passion for continuous learning and professional development is important. Together, they can empower employees to grow within the organization and contribute to a culture of learning and advancement.

Reinforcing Values Through Hiring

The recruitment and interview process for new hires is another opportunity to reinforce their values. They committed to asking candidates about their personal values and how they envisioned contributing to the company culture. This will also ensure that they bring in people whose values aligned with their own, fostering a cohesive and values-driven team.

Observing and Adapting Company Culture

Observing and adapting the existing company culture is also essential. Regularly assessing the general atmosphere and employee interactions would help ensure that their workplaces remain inclusive and diverse. When they notice areas for improvement, they plan to address them proactively.

Trusting Instincts

Trusting their instincts is something they have been working on together. There have been times when they felt that certain practices or decisions did not align with their values. In the past, they didn’t always voice their concerns and committed to respectfully do so and seek solutions that uphold their core principles. This approach not only reinforces their commitment to their values – it also inspires others to do the same.

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Bringing your values into the workplace is a continuous journey. When you’re ready to do so, click here and we’ll schedule a time to talk about how I can help you align your values in the workplace.

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