Happiness Through Giving

There are a lot of ways to have a greater sense of happiness in your life;

one of the most powerful is by giving to others. Why does sharing happiness with others make you feel more pleased?

You minimize your own difficulties

Centering on what you are able to do for people in need is a great way to put your own problems into linear perspective. After my stroke, I sometimes found myself wallowing in self-pity. Naturally, I was prone to amplify my own problems and thought that my problems were unbearable. Once I connected with others in need, I changed my perspective pretty quickly. It’s not that my own troubles disappeared because I saw somebody who seemed worse off than myself; instead, I acquired a better perspective about my own issues and determined that they weren’t as significant as I once thought they were.

You focus more on abundance

When you give of your time or even your happy energy to others, you automatically shift your concentration from deficiency to abundance. Focusing more on your troubles and difficulties can’t help but result in a keen awareness of deprivation, yet by giving of yourself to those around you is essentially asserting that you have “more than enough” – and your brain will start to believe this to be true.

Blessing others just feels really good

It does not matter if you are making a financial donation or sharing your time – it just feels good to help other people. That feeling develops when you make giving a steady habit, without regard for the size of the contributions. The more you do for other people, the better you will feel about yourself. If you would like to heighten that good feeling even further, give anonymously. You will be blessing others without expecting to encounter anything reciprocally; instead, you will be admitting that giving is its own reward.

You may feel that you do not have anything to give to other people at present – and this is particularly true if you are experiencing financial troubles. Even an hour or two a month volunteering at a soup kitchen serving the homeless or visiting the elderly at a care facility can immediately make you feel happier and more abundant!

If you really have no time else to give, become a “goodwill ambassador” and make it your mission to go around spreading kind words and support to the people you meet daily. When you notice someone having a bad day, say something to help them smile. Compliment your co-workers. Express your appreciation to a police officer, firefighter or soldier. Leave a handwritten note thanking someone for excellent service. These are all such small gestures – but they have a huge impact, both on the one who receives and the one who gives.

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Sometimes as leaders, we need help shifting our perspectives, especially if we are struggling with a negative mindset. I’ve helped leaders shift perspectives by challenging them to find opportunities to give to others. If you’re interested in a mindset shift, click here and schedule a time to talk.

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