How to Write Your Personal Vision Statement

As I often do at different points throughout the year, I recently spent some time reviewing my personal vision statement for my coaching practice. Reviewing it helps me ensure my work is in total alignment with my vision.

Sometimes, I go back to my vision statement when I’m unsure about whether to go for a new opportunity. Doing so helped me turn down an opportunity this year that didn’t align with my vision. During my recent review, it occurred to me that the vision I have for my work is closely related to my personal vision. Having a job that reflects my personal vision is powerful because it has allowed me to create a business life for myself that truly reflects who I am.

Companies know all about vision and mission statements and getting their employees on board. Vision and mission statements propel the company in the direction that they want, and ultimately towards success. Many of us have spent countless hours working on these statements for our employers, and doing our part to contribute to their vision as a part of the team. Much like a business, we, as human beings have a purpose in life.

What if we spent as much time getting to know who we are and what we want for ourselves? A personal vision statement is the framework for creating a powerful life. Unlike a goal, a vision rarely changes. It is a reason for our existence. It guides us in the decisions we make and the directions we take.

Before you move forward, I encourage you to download my Vision Companion Workbook if you haven’t done so already. It’s totally free and will help you with this work.

Your Personal Vision

If you’re new to envisioning work, this can feel different. I love that this way of envisioning gets us out of our comfort zone. Close your eyes and picture yourself in the future. It may be a few months or years from today. I like to use the five year mark, but pick whatever feels right to you.

See the person you are at that future point and start by asking yourself this question:

  • What role are you working in right now?

Then, ask yourself these questions to really feel what it’s like for you at that point:

  • What are you passionate about in your career?
  • What do you love about your career that motivates you every morning?
  • What is most important about the work you do?
  • What do you enjoy most at work?
  • How does it feel to be you? Really, feel the person you are, your true self.

Now stop, open your eyes and write down what surfaced for you.

Next, close your eyes again and ask yourself these questions as you think about what your life looks like at that point in the future:

  • What are the kinds of people that surround you?
  • What are the values of the company you work for?
  • What does your physical work setting look like?
  • What excites you to learn and develop as a professional?

Again, stop and open your eyes and write down what surfaced for you.

Now, you want to put this all together into a vision statement for yourself. (Hint: if you’re struggling with this step, my free Vision Companion Workbook has a formula in there to help you out.) The vision statement is written in the present tense. It’s how you will see yourself in the present, through this new vision lens. You will begin to notice the changes you need to make to honor this vision and lead a powerful life. A Personal Vision is a picture of your True Self in the future. An effective personal vision includes all the important elements of your life and career; it is who you want to be, what you want to do, how you want to feel, and who you want to associate with. Although your personal vision helps you to see into the future, it must be grounded in the present. It is a statement of who you are, and who you are becoming. It is the framework for the process of creating your life. Your vision is where you are headed and helps you evaluate decisions going forward.

A Personal Vision can help propel you into a new job, or make your present job work better for you. The more connected your Personal Vision is to yourself, the better it can guide your career and your life.

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