Mind of a Champion

How many times have you heard a true champion speak with doubt? How many times have you heard an Olympian say, “It will be a tough competition and we will just have to wait until the event and see how it all works out”?

Never, because doubt knocks them out before they even begin.

The athletes that are remembered are always those that performed memorably under extreme pressure. I use memorably here because they can either be remembered for choking or rising to the occasion. Anyone who has played competitive sports and gone to playoffs knows that there is a different feeling during a play-off game than a regular season game. The pressure builds as we move into play-offs. This pressure isn’t a bad thing; the true issue is in how we handle the pressure.

If we let self-doubt enter our mind, especially when the pressure is high, anxiety is sure to grow. Once we start to doubt whether we are capable of winning, we are no longer setting ourselves up for success, because the mind can only hold one thought at a time. We are either thinking of winning, and visualizing what winning will be like, or we are worrying about what happens if we don’t win. We can only hold one picture at a time. Sure, some athletes waver back and forth, but at any given time, they can only be holding one thought.

What the mind sees, feels, and thinks, it works towards. The mind needs to be given direction and then it works towards making that given destination a reality. The mind is constantly working towards results and we give the directions to our mind about where to go. When we learn how to control our minds, greatness is achievable.

Learning how to think like a winner is the first step towards becoming a winner. With proper training, we can control our mind. While we can’t control what enters our minds, we can definitely control how long we hold onto a thought. If someone tells me that I’m stupid, I can’t exactly control their words; however, I sure can control how long I hold onto that thought. When a negative thought enters my mind, whether it’s something I think to myself or something someone says about me, I work to remove it as quickly as possible by flooding my mind on my positive attributes. I focus on what I want, not on what I don’t want. I focus on winning, not on not losing. I begin to daydream and make this daydream the ideal outcome. I also clean out my inner circle if I find that those around me are filling my mind with negative thoughts.

"It's not what you are that holds you back, it's what you think you are not."

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