Rachel Bouman The Leadership Companion

Authentic Connection. Courageous Action. Transformational Results.

YOU have that deep passion burning in you to achieve great things in your life, like developing the great habits of a leader or executive.

You are disciplined and focused on your goals. You seem to excel at everything you do.


You seem to lack clarity in seeing your way forward with your career. If ONLY you could figure out what the next courageous step is… then you’d KNOW you are on the path to success.  Sometimes your next step may be clear, but you don’t feel confident taking it.


Do you have those thoughts of “where do I go next” or “what if I fail” on this leadership journey?

You’re in just the right place, friend!

Pull up a seat with your favorite sparkling water (I have my Pellegrino right here!).

This is where I enter your journey.

Who Am I?

You know that excitement you have when you achieve your goals?

That’s how excited I am about you being here! You found your way through all the internet pages to my corner office on the internet and that shows me that you’re ready to take a courageous step in your career.

Rachel Bouman

I’m Rachel Bouman, and I work with leaders and executives who are ready to take courageous steps in their careers.

Want to know how my clients know I’m for them?


They tell me that they’ve never been more excited to be bold with their next career move, even though they are feeling a little unsteady in their confidence.

And that's what I'm about.

I keep your fire burning when you're feeling stuck or a bit scared. I show you how to lean into your talents to make them near-perfect strengths so you can build the career of your dreams.

Throughout my career I have been told that I would never land the executive job because I am a woman and too young.

Hello Courageous Opportunity!

I landed my executive position in my 30s. I transformed the human resources function for a government agency in three-and-a-half years. With such a huge transformation under my belt, I was ready to do something else with my career. As I explored what to do next, I found freedom stepping into my passion as a leadership coach for courageous leaders and executives.

During my career as a litigator specializing in employment law and as an executive in the government, I faced adversity in vicious opposing counsel and their clients, and lackluster colleagues. Through it all I found that the courage to keep going and living my truth lies within me.

I've seen every facet of leadership...

…from leading as an executive to serving as a neutral party overseeing an Office of Equal Employment Opportunity to being in the trenches with leaders through litigation – I’ve seen great leaders who continued to lead through self-doubt and extreme adversity and I’ve seen leaders who let their lack of confidence and self-doubt sideline their advancement as leaders.

I know the value of a companion on the leadership journey.

How can I help you?

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