There is No Time Like Now

Most people are so busy running around trying to arrange their lives to be somewhere.

We all want to be somewhere else geographically or financially or in our relationships.  We want to be anywhere but here and anyone but who we are as we’ve been led to believe that if only we can be somewhere or someone else then our lives would work or we would be happy. This escapism acts like a drug that only gives temporary relief to a chronic problem.

Apart from wanting to be somewhere or someone else, most people today also live by a philosophy of “some day” that allows them to manipulate time. “I can do it, but just not today. I’ll do it when…” and they use these excuses to stay in their comfort zones. The problem is that both someday and somewhere are undefined and illusionary. Somewhere does not exist and someday never comes, although you keep hoping that it does. This can be very disempowering and is responsible for a lot of disappointment and frustration for a lot of people. 

Tomorrow is never promised

The truth, however, is that right now is all you’ve really got. Tomorrow is never promised to you and learning to fully live in and for the moment is a vital distinction to make in creating a great life. Being grateful does not mean that you lose your drive or purpose; it allows you to slow down and really enjoy the ride. Using someday as an excuse to soften your problems will not create long term success and fulfilment. Be honest with yourself and stop making excuses only to make yourself feel better. A little pain can be very useful as it will at least move you to action. There is always something you can do right now to turn your ideas into reality. There is always one small step you can take.

Taking the step

So, what is that step?  Live in the present. Be right here and celebrate and capture the magical moments of your life. Hold on to them as the treasures you get to take with you into your magnificent future. Life is not just lived in the moment but also created in the moment. Now is the best time to design the next ten years of your life. I know this will sound strange, but you do design your future by taking action. Action is what eventually determines your future. Move confidently in the direction of your choosing and don’t get seduced by the popular belief that some day things will come your way or some day your luck will change. One of the greatest privileges you have in life is that you can start right now with exactly what you’ve got to create anything you desire as the ultimate resources to life are within you.

Living in a place called somewhere really won’t serve you long term although it might feel good as a short-term escape or excuse. Having to constantly lie to yourself that you will act on your true desires some day when x, y or z is just right will only create an unnecessary burden. When you turn your “someday” philosophy into a “same day” philosophy you can start to adopt the mindset where you take action on your ideas immediately with exactly what you’ve got and exactly where you are.

So, what action are you taking today to make your desires a reality?

Work with me

Perhaps you aren’t sure where you want to go in the future. Or maybe you’re good at the vision and have great ideas, you struggle with accountability.  Whatever is keeping you from living in the “same day”, I can help. Click here and schedule a time to talk with me about your someday challenges.

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