This Little Girl is Me

The organization, Inspiring Girls International, has challenged women around the world to participate in a campaign called “This Little Girl Is Me”.

I remember reading many amazing posts on LinkedIn last year; however, I was still battling to regain energy after my stroke and I didn’t have it in me to write about myself. This year is different. I truly see the gift of life and am ready to share more about me.

This little girl grew up always longing to just fit in. On Guam, she stood out from day one as the largest baby in the hospital nursery. At the time of her kindergarten graduation, she was a head taller than everyone in her class. She spent summers at her aunt and uncle’s farm to give her parents a break from her strong-willed personality.

During those summers on the farm, she tagged along with her boy cousins everywhere, from milking cows to chopping wood. Her strong-will still was very apparent there and her cousins nicknamed her “Raisehell”. At first, she resented this nickname, probably because it came as a nasty retort to something she did.

As she grew, her strong-will became even stronger and often isolated her from making friends with girls. She spent some lonely times thinking there was something wrong with her. Even during her career, women often made her feel like she was too much and her personality was too strong. Then, a friend came along side her and told her that people like her can change the world and she believed him – that she could Raisehell and change the world. While she doesn’t go by Raisehell anymore, the same fire that was in her as a little girl still burns in her today as the CEO of her own business, helping all women rise up and change their corner of the world. If I could give that little girl one piece of advice, I would encourage her to stop trying to fit in and embrace standing out, because that is what she was created to do.

Next Tuesday is International Day of the Girl. 70% of girls feel more confident about their futures after hearing from women role models. I want to show all young girls that by believing in yourself, staying true to yourself and persevering, you can realize your dreams. While the journey can be hard, keep going and strive to be free! At The Leadership Companion, we are big believers that living authentically as who we are created to be is freeing. I personally support, mentor, and coach women toward that freedom. That is why I join the This Little Girl Is Me campaign by Inspiring Girls International.

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