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What if this year we could do something more than wave a flag to support the brave women who have served and are serving?

Do you know that a 2016 survey of service women and women veterans showed that 97% of respondents long for an organization dedicated to the issues uniquely facing them as women? These women have much to share and want their stories heard.

Thursday, November 11, 2021, is Veterans Day…a day to honor American veterans who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Around towns across America, we’ll see flags waving proudly to celebrate and honor veterans. We may even see men and women dressed in uniform.

What if this year we could do something more than wave a flag to support the brave women who have served and are serving? At the Leadership Companion, we are all about encouraging women to walk their talk by taking action. In honor of Veterans Day, this means we want to challenge you to stand with these women veterans in their search for a women-centered organization focused on their unique needs.

I’m unsure where to start

I’m glad you spoke up. I too wasn’t sure where to start, so I asked some veteran friends and did some research. I even ran each of these organization through the charity navigator to confirm that they are legitimate organizations.

Here are some organizations where your money will make a difference for these women:

  • Academy Women is a global leadership and professional development organization that empowers aspiring, current and past women military leaders through mentoring, training, and growth opportunities to impact positive change locally, nationally and globally. This mission is achieved by serving a broader community of all military women, families, and veterans. For every gift given, 94% directly funds programs that benefit current, former and future military women. Click here to go directly to their donation page.
  • Grace After Fire is committed to assisting women veterans transitioning back into family life, achieving in the work place, and pursuing happiness. 81% of their donations go to fund peer-to-peer support programs for women veterans. A donation of just $20 covers the costs of services and resources a woman veteran receives at a single peer-to-peer support session. Click here to go directly to their donation page.
  • U.S. Army Women’s Foundation is the premier organization for today’s Army women and veterans, a strong partner for their continued success, and a dynamic advocate for telling their stories. 65% of their donations go to fund programs like the U.S. Army Women’s Foundation Leadership Development Forum. Click here to go directly to their donation page.

My Challenge

My challenge is for you to make this year different by doing something more. Make a donation. Volunteer your time. Send a message to these women that you see them and you recognize and value their service. Give back to those who have and are giving so much to us.

Then, wave your flag and #ThankAVet.

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