What’s Your Why?

If you have a strong purpose in life, you don't have to be pushed. Your passion will drive you there.

Have you ever started pursuing a goal and given up?

Yep, me too! Why did we give up? 

Well, we decided the goal just wasn’t worth it. This really is because we didn’t have a strong enough why to keep us going. Maybe you can relate to this example from my life. I played sports as a kid. I loved to swim and play basketball. With my 6-foot frame, I had pretty good height for a basketball player. I even played my first semester in college, until I got mono. That’s a story for another day. After I graduated college, I wasn’t sure how to stay in shape and I set so many goals to start running and kept giving up. Why? Because I didn’t have a strong why. Then, in my 30’s, I finally found my why. I wanted to feel better and running not only helped me feel better physically, but it also helped me have more mental clarity and kept my stress in check. That was a really strong why for me and it propelled me along a running journey that saw me crossing half marathon and marathon finish lines. Without a strong why, I would not have continued to run when there was snow underfoot and the temperatures were in single digits. I would not have continued to run when the temperatures and humidity were so high. So, I know the importance of getting clear on your why as it truly does propel you forward, especially on days that you have zero will power to keep going. 

If you want to figure out the why to your goals, and then keep those goals, my Free Goal Companion is just the right tool for you.  Grab it here:

What’s your why for that goal you wrote down yesterday? Be sure to jot down your why as well so you see it every day as you review your goal. 

If you’re feeling extra brave  I would love for you to share your  whys and your goals with me at rachel@theleadershipcompanion.com

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