Born to Lead Women's Mastermind

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Okay, so you’ve read all the information about the Born to Lead Mastermind and you’re not quite sure, yet. Let’s talk about what’s weighing on your mind.

Is this a training course?

No. How often have you bought a leadership course and never even utilized anything that was taught?  (We see you, hands raised over here.)  This is not a training course.  This is a live and engaged community of women showing up each and every session to learn and grow together in real-time.

How much time will it take per week?

Every month for two hours you will take part in a live session followed by corresponding commitments to apply new ideas. There will be no hypothetical assignments. Every action you take will be functional and relative to your leadership goals. This will take courage to try new things and see the results you crave, and we will hold your feet to the fire every time we meet.

I’m not sure if I’m ready for this kind of investment?

This program is a healthy investment in yourself, and we don’t take that lightly. We believe wholeheartedly that the way you invest in your leadership, in your future, in your ability to reach a whole new level – is by investing in your personal and professional development. This commitment has to feel in alignment with you and your goals. Reflect on your goals, trust your gut and then decide.

Are there scholarship opportunities available?

Women have gotten very creative when investing in their leadership growth. Consider asking your company to invest in your personal development by helping with the cost. If Born to Lead Women’s Mastermind is the right next step for you, we know you’ll find the resources to make it happen, it just takes some empowered thinking.

What specific topics are covered?

This is the beauty of a mastermind. You bring the topics that are most pressing for you. None of the work is hypothetical, it’s all applicable to your real leadership world. The program overlaps with your to-do list and a big goal you have, instead of being additional work you need to fit into your schedule. The things that are done between our virtual sessions are designed to get you to your goals.

I’m looking for a mentor, I’m not sure a group program is the right next step?

If you’re looking for a mentor, imagine having a whole group of them dedicated to helping you learn and grow. Instead of just one mentor, you get a group of like-minded women growing together, investing in each other’s future.

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